Cards for Sustainability

"Have you ever created a business plan for a bird?"

Reach out to play Reach out to play

A fun and safe way to experiment with sustainability challenges by considering stakeholders beyond the business.

We recognize that sustainability is often a complex and intimidating topic to tackle. Cards for Sustainability gives our clients and teams a low-pressure way to brainstorm (sometimes wacky) solutions to real challenges by gamifying the ideation process.

It helps you zoom out of your normal role and build empathy for stakeholders across the larger ecosystem. How will your product impact an elderly person? Or maybe a turtle...?

A person holding the boxed deck of Cards for Sustainability.
Cards for Sustainability is a physical card deck to encourage in-person play.
A selection of cards from the Cards for Sustainability game. Showing an inspiration card for a Flustered Goose on top.
A set of cards to ensure people and planet perspectives are included.

“It was inspiring to see creativity in action at the ChangeNow event in Paris. Participants were assigned roles outside their comfort zone and were asked to find solutions to challenging scenarios using the playful approach of Cards for Sustainability.”

Marina Ponti, Director UN SDG Action Campaign

A number of the Cards for Sustainability laid out in a grid. Face up are cards for Flustered Goose, Stressed Students and Purpose-Driven CEO.

Play in workshops, team projects or just over lunch

  1. Gamify a complex topic

    Tackle sustainability challenges in a fun way by brainstorming playful and unexpected solutions to real issues.

  2. Expand your ecosystem thinking

    Build empathy for both people and planet by including the roles of less traditional “stakeholders” and then ask them to judge the ideas through their eyes.

  3. Make ideas tangible

    Use circular design nudges to help you come up with concrete ideas quickly. Continue to refine them based on stakeholder input until you satisfy the whole ecosystem.

Reach out to play

Let's use creativity and play to build regenerative futures.